January 12, 2012
8:03 pm

De Little Woodtype

Photo: www.yorkpress.co.uk
Photo: www.yorkpress.co.uk

I was digging around on the internet late one night (as you do) and dug up this interesting little story about the De Little wood type factory in York. What makes the De Little story more incredible is that it shut it’s doors in 1997. The entire archive is now part of the Type Museum, which is sadly not open to the public at present.

“Last of the Old Type” Article in the York Press 08/28/2000

Then this one was found by David Wolske of the Letterpress Daily

“The Right Type of History” Article in the York Press 

Unless I’m mistaken there’s very little publicly available documentation on British Type Foundries – with the notable exception of  The Last of the English Typefounders book about Stephenson Blake. A recent post on the UK Letterpress Flickr Forum requesting information about 2 colour type resulted in this document by Ben Kiel about wood type manufacture in the UK. It’s no longer available to read on his website so I’m posting it here for anyone whose curious — it’s a really interesting read.

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