Silver Ornament

Project type
Self initiated
The Print Project
330gsm Plike

Letterpress printing is all about limitations. You work with what you have. Or you don’t work at all.

Silver Ornament came about after a salvage mission to a weird shed with an incredibly weird bloke presiding over it. He wasn’t a printer, but was convinced he get get top dollar for what was tonnes of printing equipment that needed moving from a 1st floor building, which didn’t quite work out for him.

But of course there’s always a few treasures among the turds and in a type case covered in god knows how many years of dust, skin flakes and pubic hair was this absolutely beautiful (pre-point size) Caslon border system (slightly larger than 24pt).

And you get these things and then you start thinking what can I do with that, and when? And then one day you find yourself in the zone with a giant jigsaw puzzle made out of lead going hell for leather, completely oblivious to the outside world. Turn the phone off. Turn the music up. It’s a good place to be. Go for it.

Silver Ornament was set using angled quads, which was then printed in silver onto the weirdest stock of all — Plike. It feels like rubber but acts like a coated stock, and as such is incredible to print on.

It’s ultimately an experiment to see how you can use something in a completely different way than it was intended to be used by its manufacturers, and there’s heaps of fun to be had with that, which no amount of polymer plates will ever give you.