June 24, 2019
2:16 pm

Shipley Wayzgoose 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to this years Wayzgoose – it was by far the busiest yet and also the wettest…thanks to the weather….!

Here’s a few snaps from the day and also a thing that should’ve been up here before the event but due to technical issues with my website that didn’t happen. It was also due to appear in two local printed publications but both of those ‘dropped the ball’ (so to speak), so here it is…

Also make sure you have June 6th 2020 in your diary as that’s when the Shipley Wayzgoose returns for its fourth year.

It’s Wayzgoose time of year again, and for any of you reading that word and wondering what in the heck I’m going on about, pull up a chair for a few minutes and I’ll explain…

For the last 3 years we’ve been holding a little printers fair in the lovely surroundings of the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley. And that’s not a group of shifty looking people gathered around some tables discussing the pro’s and con’s of wether a Hewlett Packard Wifi printer is better or faster than an Epson inkjet! No. A Wayzgoose is a gathering of printers who print their own work with a range of printing presses that go by the names of Heidelberg, Vandercook, Arab, FAG, Adana, Cropper, Korrex, Columbian, Wharfedale and even…Gladys….?!

These presses can be 100s of years old, and unlike their modern, plastic counterparts, very rarely end up in landfill and don’t require software updates.

The Shipley Wayzgoose is the only print fair of its kind in the North. Here you will find 30 tables from printers and bookbinders from across the UK, Wales & Scotland representing far off lands such as Leeds, York, Todmorden, Liverpool, Ludlow, Norwich, Oldham, Whittington and even Broadstairs in Kent.

What unites all of the printers and bookbinders is letterpress printing, which is the way all books and newspapers were printed in the not so distant past. It revolutionised the world and it’s effects can still be felt today in the language we use when talking about fonts, leading, type, points and to the origins of the saying to ‘come a cropper’ when tripping over a paving stone whilst walking down the street reading tiny words on our digital devices…

But this isn’t some sort of re-enactment society. We do not don funny clothes and summon up the ghosts of Caxton & Gutenberg in a quest to re-print the Bible. Nope. We love the quality of the printing, the typography and the papers which are used to produce exquisite books, posters and ephemera that enlightens, inspires, raises the heart rate and makes your eyes pop out of your head.

See with your very eyes what all the fuss is about, strike up a conversation with one of the stallholders and maybe go home with a small purchase or two that will set your world on fire. Or if you are looking to buy a press or some type, then we’ve got that covered too.

As usual there will be demo’s of bookbinding, letterpress and marbling. There will be cake, tea, coffee, beers and food all day long as the cafe will be open. Everyone is welcome!

Access is level and entry is free and it’s open from 11am-4pm and takes place at The Kirkgate Centre.

See you there!