Project type
The Print Project
Monotype composition caster
Hand-set metal type
200gsm Snowdon Cartridge
280 x 190mm


It was quite an honour to be asked to produce a print for Parenthesis’s Special Portfolio. Parenthesis is the journal of the Fine Press Association. And getting a letter from Sebastian Carter was a bit mad.

As it happens Ornamental turned out to be a bit of testing ground for our No Fly Posters print. Which in turn turned out to be a turning point for all future Print Project work. Ta da.

I wanted to approach this from the standpoint that I wasn’t going to be ‘limited’ by what I already had, so a phone call was made to Brian Horsfall at Supertype, the required sorts were located, a price was discussed and then Papercut Bindery and myself hot footed it down to Brian’s to watch a bazillion 12pt borders march off the Monotype Composition Caster. Shiny brand new type — you cannot beat it. We could have spent hours bending Brian’s ear, and I did ask him at one point if he he’d take us both on as apprentices but he politely declined. We met his funny dog and scoffed biscuits though. That’s us laughing and going all gooey on the video.

4 Colour Letterpress Print
Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent Red

Printed onto 200gsm Snowden Cartridge in an edition of 140 copies.
Available to buy in the shop.