No Fly Posters

Project type
The Print Project
Hand-set metal & wood type
320gsm Cairn Board Natural
365 x 400mm


“Based on abandoned buildings — Ancoats, Manchester, England.
7 Boarded up windows, displaying 7 posters, stating No Fly Posters.

49 Creatives re-imagined the concept of No Fly Posters
in quad size format, replacing the original 7 with 7 rounds,
with an additional round commisioned for OFFSET 2014.

Curated by Jon Bland.”

No Fly Posters — something we can get behind after having spent years making posters for gigs, and all the fun that can be had when out wandering the dark freezing streets covered in wallpaper paste clutching a roll of posters with fingers you can no longer feel.

It used to be that you could tell a place was good if there was fly posting activity. They were windows into other worlds, hastily thrown up on walls shouting at you for attention, to make you think or act or just to make you smile. If you don’t love a good poster, then un-friend yourself now.

So anyway — we got the nod to do this and so began a mammoth week long session of proofing, setting and printing which resulted in falling asleep at the press (once), missing the beginning of a holiday (twice) and creating a galley or two of shame that still lingers on to this day.

We know most of the other folks (Wim Crouwel, Build, Milton Glaser, Adrian Shaughnessy, Stefan Sagmeister, Spin, Hey etc) who took part spent about 10 seconds on their Macs twiddling about so we feel quite righteous about the 5 days of hardcore typesetting and the 150 impressions it took to make this thing, which was then scanned in and turned into a digital file so it could be printed out at the right size to be pasted up on the pub in Ancoats.

If you look closely there’s all sorts of hidden messages in there and the first one to spot them all gets the entire contents of our printing shed.

We loved doing it. It was ACE. Thanks Jon.

And we sat on the prints for ages as they were going to be sold with a book about it but that’s been shelved so now’s your chance to get some No Fly Posters up in that downstairs loo you love so much, it’s not quite a Sagmeister but it’s much more fun. Buy them here.