Logo as Manifesto

Project type

We’ve been working with the lovely people of Split Design for many years now, their work is brilliant and it’s always a pleasure hanging out, yapping, working or even letting them run riot with a stack load of wood type for an afternoon…

What you see before you is part of an ongoing project that Split have instigated regarding the use of their logo ‘as a manifesto’ — by re-imagining their logo every month they are using their branding to communicate what they do and why they do it which also enables them “…to keep us asking questions of ourselves and exploring our values in the best way we know how, through the design process.”

So there was a knock at the door and in they came and took case upon case of wood type up onto our second floor to spend a good few hours having fun playing with actual type, and the best bit about it was, they put it all back and the pictures are great! Keep an eye on their website to see what they do next and for more info, go here.

Photography: Sara Teresa