May 10, 2015
10:56 am

Letterpress Collective Festival of Print 2015

Last year we went to Bristol for The Letterpress Collective’s first Festival of Print, and this year it returns once again for another round of printing goodness that takes in an exhibition, workshops and talks.

Last years theme was ‘The Politics of Print’ which looked at the way printing (and specifically letterpress printing) has often been used by small groups of people to gain important skills for self-realisation and agit-propaganda.

This years theme is music (so no prizes for guessing what we’re supplying) and on Saturday 23rd May at 7pm I’ll be giving a talk about what I do and how I do it in relation to…yep you guessed it…music and DIY (not MFI) which will probably include a bit of swearing.

There’s something for everyone during the course of the festival – from hands on workshops with Terry Wright, Pat Randle, Nick Hallett & Nick Hand, to a Typographic Walk of the City, Residencies from Madrid-based illustrator Olaf Laddousse and designer, Jorge Garcia plus some insanity from Olaf’s LCDD project

Plus there’s going to a be a Pizza Van and Local cider on tap for the opening night on the 22nd, so see you there.

The Festival of Print takes place from 16-27th May at Centrespace Gallery, Leonard Lane, Bristol BS1 1 EA

More info: The Letterpress Collective Festival of Print 2015

Images: Nick Hand