Leeds Print Festival

Project type
The Print Project
Hand-set metal type
Laser cut wood blocks
700gsm Colorplan
430gsm Gmund Action
99 x 210mm


What can we say about working with Leeds Print Festival?

It’s been a blast that’s what.

Since it’s inception in 2011 we’ve been producing festival invites and tickets, providing live printing at the opening nights, exhibiting work and we even shared a stage (and a curry) with Alan Kitching in 2012 — which was completely nuts and a bit flipping scary.

Each year the festival goes from strength to strength drawing in local and national print practitioners who work across a variety of print media, because as we all know print is very much alive despite rumours to the contrary.

Whilst the format of the invites & tickets has remained the same throughout (99 x 210mm on G.F. Smith stocks) the design work employed has always been dictated by what type or ornaments we have available to us at the time, and each year we naturally want to flex our creative muscles a bit more than the year before. So for 2015 we upped the ante by strong arming Tommy Mayo into making us some specially commissioned laser cut wood blocks which adorn the invites in all their fluorescent glory.

But right from the start it was decided that the metal type that The Print Project holds would influence the festival branding. At the time there was just one weight (bold) and one size (14pt) of Granby — a founders grade type from Stephenson Blake (known as a knock off of Johnston) which fortunately hadn’t seen too much action. Thankfully each year we’ve gradually weeded out all of the Gill Sans Bold some kind soul decided to mix in with it. We only ran out of sorts once which was a bit tricky and no-one seemed to notice what we did to get around it…but hey, this is letterpress printing and that’s quite a normal situation to find yourself in, having said that, a second case was located in 2012 which turned out to be a fabulous waste of time and money.

So it’s been a bit mad setting some big names on the tickets: Anthony Burrill, Si Scott, Alan Kitching, Patrick Burgoyne, Mr Bingo and err… Pat Randle in Leeds? And you can’t spell their names wrong can you? Thankfully that’s never happened…

Leeds Print Festival is the best thing to ward of the post Xmas / New Year blues and we hope to see you there.