Project type
The Print Project
Hand-set wood & metal type
410gsm Gmund Action Electric Blood
350 x 550mm

Commissioned by Colours May Vary for their Hinterland exhibition, The Lair of the Minky Monk is something that was used to terrify me as a small child.

We were told not to go out after dark or else “the Minky Monk would get you”, and we believed it as you do when you are small and easily scared.

Of course the Minky Monk is just another way of saying ‘the bogeyman’, who has no set appearance in the mind of an adult or child, but is simply a non-specific embodiment of terror.

And you’d better not get stuck in it’s lair because it’s bright red and very disorientating…

Which is why we chose Gmund’s eye flaying ‘Electric Blood’ as a stock and illustrated the lair using a combination of wood & metal borders printed in silver on it.

Because it really does mess with your eyes and mind as you stumble deeper and deeper into the Lair to meet your sorry end…

Look directly at it and it changes, look away and it changes again as it flickers and wobbles out of the corner of your eye…

Hinterland was part of a project with Lord Witney about ‘folklore, the arcane & the savage’, which rings true with me having grown up in the 1970s with strange programmes on the TV which would invariably be soundtracked by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

So it should come as no surprise that the playlist I was asked to produce ended up featuring a whole host of weirdness from some of my favourite record labels who are doing a fantastic job of channeling my past into something that never really existed…or did it?

Edition of 30.

Available from Colours May Vary