Golden Cabinet

Project type
The Print Project
Laser cutting
Hand-set metal type
320gsm Cairn Board Natural
200gsm Fabriano Ecological
365 x 700mm
320 x 482mm


Golden Cabinet is a gig collective that began life sometime during the springtime of 2013 which set out to to see if it was possible to put on a regular ‘night’ at the local community centre in the town of Shipley, where it’s members resided.

Over the last few years The Kirkgate Centre has slowly established itself as one of the best community centre’s in the Bradford District, not only does it provide a space for its community to come together, but it’s bold enough to take risks and to host events that are challenging and thought provoking.

With Golden Cabinet, what started out as a crazy idea has gone on to become one of the best nights in West Yorkshire. Regular features in The Guardian’s ‘Club of the Week’ and The Quietus coupled with international acts beating a path to its door have undoubtedly helped make this monthly night sell out time after time. No one ever thought that was going to happen. Ever.

The ingredients for a Golden Cabinet night are: Incredible bands / acts & DJ’s, stunning visuals, locally brewed ales & ciders, a friendly atmosphere, cake and some letterpress posters…

From the outset the GC posters were always going to be ‘psychedelic’ – they bring together many of the things that I enjoy and which are part of the night. Wild colours, overlapping shapes, repetition of shape & form and a strong nod toward modernism.

Combining metal type with a wild array of abstract imagery created through the use of Duke Studio’s laser cutter with an often garish fluorescent colour palette has meant the posters have gone on to become something of a success much in the same way the night is. They’ve been exhibited at Leeds College of Music, The Sparrow and a whole raft of them were part of Gigposters 3.

What started out as an experiment ended up becoming a series — with Year 1 now complete, Year 2 is well under way and who knows what’s going to happen next?

Remaining copies can be bought over at the Golden Cabinet Shop