Project type
Client work / Commission
The Print Project
Hand-set wood & metal type
Polymer plate
1500mic Kemikal White
350gsm Crush

105 x 148mm

Faces is an ongoing project started in 2011 by friend and local design legend Lee Goater.

What began life as a series of 8 magnets that were distributed all over europe, (which includes Shipley — there’s even one on the entrance to The Print Project, thanks Lee) then ended up as Lee’s hugely successful first solo exhibition at Leeds Gallery entitled ‘Anatomy of Autonomy’ which saw the original 8 expanded to a cast of what seems like 1000’s. All great, funny and cute. You gotta love a face.

Lee wanted us to print his opening night invites which we were more than happy to do and this was documented by Chris Van Niekerk who was working with Lee at the time. There was definitely a few swears that day as the Heidelberg was not playing ball but it got sorted it and we all lived happily ever after.

Keen to drag us further into the Faces melee, Lee then asked if we could lug one of our Adana’s down to Leeds Gallery for the opening night preview. Suckers for this type of thing (and a free drink or ten), we set the press up and then slunk off to the bar to see what people would do with it. Thankfully no-one used it as a bottle opener and there was lots of printing and general mayhem. Mr Goater nailed it that night through all manner of beautiful printed output and interactive face making activities.

And then the invite from Hey appeared to take Faces to Mitte Barcelona and Creative Review came a knocking.

Local boy done good. Proud to support him.

Photography: Chris Van Niekerk