June 24, 2019
2:16 pm

Shipley Wayzgoose 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to this years Wayzgoose – it was by far the busiest yet and also the wettest…thanks to the weather….!

Here’s a few snaps from the day and also a thing that should’ve been up here before the event but due to technical issues with my website that didn’t happen. It was also due to appear in two local printed publications but both of those ‘dropped the ball’ (so to speak), so here it is…

Also make sure you have June 6th 2020 in your diary as that’s when the Shipley Wayzgoose returns for its fourth year.

It’s Wayzgoose time of year again, and for any of you reading that word and wondering what in the heck I’m going on about, pull up a chair for a few minutes and I’ll explain…

For the last 3 years we’ve been holding a little printers fair in the lovely surroundings of the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley. And that’s not a group of shifty looking people gathered around some tables discussing the pro’s and con’s of wether a Hewlett Packard Wifi printer is better or faster than an Epson inkjet! No. A Wayzgoose is a gathering of printers who print their own work with a range of printing presses that go by the names of Heidelberg, Vandercook, Arab, FAG, Adana, Cropper, Korrex, Columbian, Wharfedale and even…Gladys….?!

These presses can be 100s of years old, and unlike their modern, plastic counterparts, very rarely end up in landfill and don’t require software updates.

The Shipley Wayzgoose is the only print fair of its kind in the North. Here you will find 30 tables from printers and bookbinders from across the UK, Wales & Scotland representing far off lands such as Leeds, York, Todmorden, Liverpool, Ludlow, Norwich, Oldham, Whittington and even Broadstairs in Kent.

What unites all of the printers and bookbinders is letterpress printing, which is the way all books and newspapers were printed in the not so distant past. It revolutionised the world and it’s effects can still be felt today in the language we use when talking about fonts, leading, type, points and to the origins of the saying to ‘come a cropper’ when tripping over a paving stone whilst walking down the street reading tiny words on our digital devices…

But this isn’t some sort of re-enactment society. We do not don funny clothes and summon up the ghosts of Caxton & Gutenberg in a quest to re-print the Bible. Nope. We love the quality of the printing, the typography and the papers which are used to produce exquisite books, posters and ephemera that enlightens, inspires, raises the heart rate and makes your eyes pop out of your head.

See with your very eyes what all the fuss is about, strike up a conversation with one of the stallholders and maybe go home with a small purchase or two that will set your world on fire. Or if you are looking to buy a press or some type, then we’ve got that covered too.

As usual there will be demo’s of bookbinding, letterpress and marbling. There will be cake, tea, coffee, beers and food all day long as the cafe will be open. Everyone is welcome!

Access is level and entry is free and it’s open from 11am-4pm and takes place at The Kirkgate Centre.

See you there!

February 28, 2018
12:05 pm

Shipley Wayzgoose 2018

If you were at the first Shipley Wayzgoose on June 3rd 2017 you’ll know what an amazing event it was.

We had an unexpectedly high turn out on the day which meant the Kirkgate Centre was buzzing all day long with printers young and old mingling with the curious and delighted who had turned up to see what all this Wayzgoose fuss was all about.

Over 20 printers from across the UK represented all aspects of letterpress printing on the day. Fine press books, luxurious prints, printing demo’s (one on a bike no less..!), chap books, cards, posters, broadsides, newly cast type and secondhand equipment were all available to prod, poke, discuss, haggle over and to buy.

We hope you can join us again on Saturday 9th June from 11am-5pm at The Kirkgate Centre in Shipley when we’ll have the finest selection of printers from across the land to tantalise your soul, make your heart sing and of course…tease the money from your pockets!

Entry is free and the cafe will be open all day so do pop in for a nosey & a nice cup of tea.

Shipley Wayzgoose is organised by Papercut Bindery & The Print Project — it has no website or social media accounts for further info.

March 14, 2016
11:39 am

2016 Spring & Summer Letterpress Workshops

It’s taken AGES and AGES to get around to sorting these out, but finally we are able to offer a series of letterpress courses that take place at our workshop here in Sunny Shipley taking place in Spring / Summer of 2016.

We’ve been delivering workshops for over five years now, but this is the first time we’ve taken the plunge in offering them on a regular basis, with literally 1000’s items for you to get your hands on to print with on three flat bed proofing presses and a few Adana’s to boot!

Everyone is welcome – from the curious individual, to the crazed print maniac, to design agencies looking to prize their designers away from their macs for a few evenings or a few days, or maybe you just want to have some fun doing something you’ve never done before.

If this is you or that sounds like something you’d want to dive head on into, have a perusal of the courses on the link below and book yourself on.

We look forward to meeting you.


May 10, 2015
10:56 am

Letterpress Collective Festival of Print 2015

Last year we went to Bristol for The Letterpress Collective’s first Festival of Print, and this year it returns once again for another round of printing goodness that takes in an exhibition, workshops and talks.

Last years theme was ‘The Politics of Print’ which looked at the way printing (and specifically letterpress printing) has often been used by small groups of people to gain important skills for self-realisation and agit-propaganda.

This years theme is music (so no prizes for guessing what we’re supplying) and on Saturday 23rd May at 7pm I’ll be giving a talk about what I do and how I do it in relation to…yep you guessed it…music and DIY (not MFI) which will probably include a bit of swearing.

There’s something for everyone during the course of the festival – from hands on workshops with Terry Wright, Pat Randle, Nick Hallett & Nick Hand, to a Typographic Walk of the City, Residencies from Madrid-based illustrator Olaf Laddousse and designer, Jorge Garcia plus some insanity from Olaf’s LCDD project

Plus there’s going to a be a Pizza Van and Local cider on tap for the opening night on the 22nd, so see you there.

The Festival of Print takes place from 16-27th May at Centrespace Gallery, Leonard Lane, Bristol BS1 1 EA

More info: The Letterpress Collective Festival of Print 2015

Images: Nick Hand

May 1, 2015
7:07 pm

Powell Gum Takes Tooth Conor Thomas Poster for Golden Cabinet

Here’s some pictures of the Powell / Gum Takes Tooth / Conor Thomas poster.

You can buy the poster at The Shipley Triangle, at the gig or online.

This is the last poster I’m doing this side of summer as I’m going to Milan in June for the excellent Letterpress Workers 2015.

But there’s a rumour going around about a showing of a very interesting film on 11th July at the Kirkgate Centre, so maybe we’ll make a poster for that.

April 22, 2015
8:09 pm

Dockfield Road Creative Arts Hub Open Day 2015

In 2014 over 200 people attended the first Dockfield Road Creative Arts Hub Open Day. What started out as a conversation between a few of the tenants ended up being a wild day of workshops, activities, food, live music and a Dalek that was seen dancing to the sounds of local DJ hero’s Boe&Lx as part of the evening’s finale.

A lot of really nice feedback came from people that attended so it was decided to  do it all over again — gluttons for punishment that we are…

Sunday 3rd May 2015

2-6pm — Open Studios, Workshops, Free Kids Activities with:

— Dove Street Pottery
— Irregular Arts
— David Starley
— Pumpkin Prints
— TwentyWatt
— Louise Ferne Designs
— Lucy Sangster
— Leyla Murr
— Bradford Darkroom Collective
Jenny Painter
— Becky Kidner
— Simon Suggy
— Paperbird of Bradford
— Claire Drake

6-10.30pm — DJ’s, Live Music, Bar, BBQ with:

— DJ Bamboo – Crucial Reggae, Soul & Junglist sounds
— Reuben Wilkinson — Pop, Folk, Jazz & Country
— DJ’s Boe&Lx — Crazed beats & funked up bass for getting your wriggle on
— Nut Club — Jazz three piece powerhouse of drums, double bass & saxophone

Follow Dockfield Road Creative Arts Hub Facebook & Twitter for more info.

We hope to see you there, our workshop doors will be flung open again for you to come and have a poke about and we’ll be joined by Papercut Bindery & The Linocut King again who will dazzle you with their bookbinding & printing skills, whilst we lurk around at the back trying not to be noticed (or something).

March 9, 2015
8:22 pm

The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair Letterpress Workshop 21st March 2015


We’ll be at The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair on Saturday 21st March with a stack of wood type and the Vandercook proofing press so you can get your hands covered in ink and print a completely unique poster, this is the real deal folks!

And get this…at 2pm “Legendary Curwen Studio printmaker Stanley Jones will be in conversation with the art historian Alan Powers about the boom in artists’ printmaking since the 1950s and collaborating with some of the greatest artists of the 20th century including Barbara Hepworth, David Hockney and Henry Moore.”

That’s mad as pants.

Also showing during the weekend are the  films made by Square Eye Printing who as you will know has made a number of films about The Print Project. One of which is more revealing than the rest (!)…watch this space…

It’ll be a great weekend. See you there.

And if you can’t make that we’re running two workshops at West Yorkshire Print Workshop in April & July.

Hepworth image by the glorious Laura Slater


March 3, 2015
11:21 pm

Karen Gwyer / Hey Colossus / Magpahi Poster for Golden Cabinet


New poster for the sold out Karen Gwyer / Hey Colossus / Magpahi gig at Golden Cabinet on 7th March.

It’ll be RAGING.

Since posting up the Anonymous Bash poster I’ve had 3 offers of jobs in the world of wallpaper design. One in Japan.

This time next year you may well be sitting on your sofa having your eyes burnt out by a wall full of madness made by me.

Until then posters are available in the Golden Cabinet Shop or at the gig, where a whole £5 is knocked off the online price.


February 26, 2015
3:41 pm

Anonymous Bash / The Family Elan / DJ Cataclyst poster for Golden Cabinet


Should have posted this up before the gig but well you know…

I think I need to get a job designing wallpaper.

Loved doing this one — feels proper good.

Despite the rain and it being on a Sunday night this was an absolutely belting gig — great turnout and stunning sets from everyone.

But special mention goes to the amazing Anonymous Bash — featuring Charles Hayward from the legendary This Heat and various members of Gnod who when put together tore the goddamn roof off the Kirkgate Centre. It was a blast.

A few posters remain at the time of writing this blog post and you can get them at the Golden Cabinet Shop.

February 23, 2015
8:41 pm

Serve Video

Video made with Giles Smith for Boxhead way back in September 2013.

Those shoes are long gone!


February 11, 2015
10:18 pm

Leeds Print Festival 2015


For Leeds Print Festival 2015, we ran a series of letterpress workshops over 5 days in the beautiful surroundings of Colours May Vary.

Which was no mean feat, seeing as we had to enlist the moving skills of AMR to transport something in the region of 3 tonnes of equipment there and back to make sure we had enough of everything!

But it was entirely worth it — we met some amazing people, had the joy of working in Colours May Vary’s new ‘doubletruck’ space and actually saw daylight and felt it’s warmth for a change. And someone got addicted to M&S’s spicy buns.

Thanks to Becky & Andy for being such great hosts and thanks to Leeds Print Festival for making it all happen and to G.F. Smith for all the lovely Colorplan paper everyone got to print on during the week.

Thanks also to Kate Green from Square Eye Printing for the excellent time lapse video.

If you want to see more pictures of the festival, check out the amazing ones taken by Leeds based photographer Justin Slee here.

November 6, 2014
3:06 pm

Anthroprophh / Kemper Norton / Big Naturals Golden Cabinet poster

Second in the new series of posters for Golden Cabinet.

This time composed primarily with wood type ornaments and the odd bit of Delittle Woodtype. Certain elements that began life with the Andy Stott poster carry through into this one, so there are a number of shapes that have been hand-cut and made out of scrap wood found in the workshop, amongst a load of washers and other bits and bobs.

What differs with this poster though is it it’s the first one that is printed from a standard letterpress forme,  meaning each element is a block locked up in a chase with furniture, leads and quoins.

I love creating formes like this — it’s massively satisfying (which is probably a weird thing to say) but can get really annoying when the hand made blocks you have made have not been cut square so they move around during the run…

Lesson learned.

Golden Cabinet posters are available in their online shop

October 6, 2014
2:39 pm

Andy Stott / Rainer Veil / Boe&Lx Golden Cabinet Poster

New poster for Golden Cabinet’s ‘Modern Love’ night, which marks a year since the first Golden Cabinet gig at the Kirkgate Centre and a change in format for the posters that have become something of a success much to the bewilderment of the person behind them…

They say ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ — and whilst that rings true in many cases with the 1st year over I’d had a few months to think about how I was going to tackle ‘year 2’ AKA the ‘difficult second album’…

Much has changed but in reality, it’s business as usual. The same eye popping colours, weird shapes and fluorescent inks are all still in evidence. But keen to bring new things into the mix, the type is now set using my Ludlow Typograph (a hot metal type-casting machine, sort of like a Linotype squashed into a large kitchen unit). The type is now set in Record Gothic Medium Extended a really lovely face which whilst over 50 years old seems as fresh now as it would have done back then.

Whilst I always design with a grid in mind this was the first time I’d actually used one to define how the poster would look. Which makes it interesting when using a Ludlow slug that casts to a measure of 24ems.

Initially the plan for this series of posters is to change tack somewhat with the objects used for printing. The first series used predominantly hand-cut or laser-cut shapes made out of MDF. This time I wanted to use ‘found objects’, and bring in textures to add another dimension to the overall effect. It also means I get to mess about with power tools, as everything is cut & drilled with a variety of power saws and hand drills.

Letterpress is all about limitations, what you have and what you don’t have to print with define what you can do, and to a greater or lesser extent over the past year and a half I’ve become increasingly more interested in making visual imagery that is intended to ‘mess with your eyes’ in some way or other by combining a very new technology with a very old one.

Whilst my love of typography still remains, my interest in repetitive geometric patterns and shapes has dominated my work ever since I produced ‘Ornamental’ for Parenthesis 24.

Golden Cabinet posters are available in their online shop

September 18, 2014
7:16 pm

Alan Kitching and Monotype

Supporting Alan Kitching at Leeds Print Festival in 2013 was ever so slightly daunting. Not only is he a bit tasty with the old wood type but he’s also a bit nifty with an accordion…

September 10, 2014
7:09 pm

Glastonbury Free Press on the BBC

The BBC came down to the Free Press tent this year and poor old Dennis drew the short end of the stick…!