November 6, 2014
3:06 pm

Anthroprophh / Kemper Norton / Big Naturals Golden Cabinet poster

Second in the new series of posters for Golden Cabinet.

This time composed primarily with wood type ornaments and the odd bit of Delittle Woodtype. Certain elements that began life with the Andy Stott poster carry through into this one, so there are a number of shapes that have been hand-cut and made out of scrap wood found in the workshop, amongst a load of washers and other bits and bobs.

What differs with this poster though is it it’s the first one that is printed from a standard letterpress forme,  meaning each element is a block locked up in a chase with furniture, leads and quoins.

I love creating formes like this — it’s massively satisfying (which is probably a weird thing to say) but can get really annoying when the hand made blocks you have made have not been cut square so they move around during the run…

Lesson learned.

Golden Cabinet posters are available in their online shop