October 6, 2014
2:39 pm

Andy Stott / Rainer Veil / Boe&Lx Golden Cabinet Poster

New poster for Golden Cabinet’s ‘Modern Love’ night, which marks a year since the first Golden Cabinet gig at the Kirkgate Centre and a change in format for the posters that have become something of a success much to the bewilderment of the person behind them…

They say ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ — and whilst that rings true in many cases with the 1st year over I’d had a few months to think about how I was going to tackle ‘year 2’ AKA the ‘difficult second album’…

Much has changed but in reality, it’s business as usual. The same eye popping colours, weird shapes and fluorescent inks are all still in evidence. But keen to bring new things into the mix, the type is now set using my Ludlow Typograph (a hot metal type-casting machine, sort of like a Linotype squashed into a large kitchen unit). The type is now set in Record Gothic Medium Extended a really lovely face which whilst over 50 years old seems as fresh now as it would have done back then.

Whilst I always design with a grid in mind this was the first time I’d actually used one to define how the poster would look. Which makes it interesting when using a Ludlow slug that casts to a measure of 24ems.

Initially the plan for this series of posters is to change tack somewhat with the objects used for printing. The first series used predominantly hand-cut or laser-cut shapes made out of MDF. This time I wanted to use ‘found objects’, and bring in textures to add another dimension to the overall effect. It also means I get to mess about with power tools, as everything is cut & drilled with a variety of power saws and hand drills.

Letterpress is all about limitations, what you have and what you don’t have to print with define what you can do, and to a greater or lesser extent over the past year and a half I’ve become increasingly more interested in making visual imagery that is intended to ‘mess with your eyes’ in some way or other by combining a very new technology with a very old one.

Whilst my love of typography still remains, my interest in repetitive geometric patterns and shapes has dominated my work ever since I produced ‘Ornamental’ for Parenthesis 24.

Golden Cabinet posters are available in their online shop