Since 2010, The Print Project has been raising hell and the dead with its distinctive high quality letterpress printing from its base in the small northern town of Shipley.

From posters that will poke you in the eye to finely crafted pieces of print that will knock your teeth out, the Yorkshire based outfit exclusively uses 500 year old printing technology killed off by commercial interests and given the kiss of life by our resident print maniacs.

Our passion for wood & metal type is at the heart of what we do, and our Heidelberg, Korrex, Autovic, Vandercook & Farley presses love us for it.

To us, letterpress printing is not an aesthetic, it’s a rigourous and methodical process which produces tactile vibrant printing that will make you want to kiss a goat, stroke a pig or say hello to Jesus.

We print client work to an incredibly high standard using special finishes and techniques that are not possible using modern printing processes. This is the Rolls Royce of printing. There are no Skoda’s here.

We deliver workshops that enable people of all ages to connect to and learn about the process.

Our work has appeared in/on:

Random Spectacular
Eye Magazine
Creative Review
Form Fifty Five
Design Week
The Aesthetic Trust
People of Print

Some of it is held in the collections of:

The Tate
London Centre for Book Arts
UWE Centre for Fine Print Research

We regularly exhibit work across the UK.

We actively salvage, recycle and re-use printing equipment (presses, ink, type, paper etc) which is rendered obsolete by commercial interests. If you have anything you want to get rid of, get in touch.


Eat Lead / Atom Gallery
Phantasm / Colours May Vary
New Impressions / Hamilton Wood Type Museum
Ink & Paper 2 / Stour Space
Apathy / Centrespace Gallery
Interrobang / Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft
Leeds Print Festival
No Fly Posters
Papergirl Leeds
London Centre for Book Arts
St Brides Library
West Yorkshire Print Workshop
The Letterpress Collective
Small Town Ink
The Sparrow
The Kirkgate Centre
Flyposting 2 & 3


University of Wolverhampton 2018
Leeds Arts University 2018
Birmingham City University 2018
AHRC Letterpress 2017
Stroud Wayzgoose 2016
Bradford College 2015
Leeds College of Art 2013 & 2014
Leeds Print Festival 2012 & 2014
Small Town Ink 2013

Website Photography

Mezz Davies
Ricky Adam
Blair Thomson
Sara Teresa
Pat Randle
Chris Van Niekerk
Kasia Fiszer

Thank YOU.