November 7, 2013
2:44 pm

A long overdue update about letterpress printing in a small town in West Yorkshire

Hmm. Where to start?

Despite the neglected state of this website – we are busier than ever following a big move back in April/May to the new workshop on Dockfield Road in Shipley.

We held a low key opening party for this back in July – a stack of friends/family & people we’ve done work for turned up, drank free beer, rummaged through my drawers and printed their little hearts out on the proof presses. Good friend and printer Dennis Gould came up and preached the printing gospel and we all went home slightly the worse for wear. Next time we might just have a big rave.

We went to Glastonbury – to do the GLASTONBURY FREE PRESS, which was absolutely insane but incredibly good fun, we lost count of how many posters we printed, as it literally ended up being ‘letterpress printing on demand’ — a term that didn’t exist before (or after!) the festival. Little did we know that the wood type posters we took & made up on site would end up being the smash hit of the Press. My ‘I Love the Smell of Ink & Paper‘ poster has now been reprinted in so many colour ways I can’t recall them all. Anyway —we’ll be back next year so see you there.

I did a talk at LEEDS COLLEGE of ART — where I swore quite a bit —it was an updated version of the one I did at Leeds Print Festival earlier in the year but this time with added fluorescent things to touch and feel. Apparently it went very well…

There was an exhibition at WEST YORKSHIRE PRINT WORKSHOP with Oldfield Press which was really nice.

There was a Print Exhibition at the KIRKGATE CENTRE with a whole host of other talented people involved with printing which was an honour.

SMALL TOWN INK came and went and it was absolutely mad – a massive queue all day long of people eager to get a print on. Can’t beat seeing people wondering around Leeds carrying their prints…!

NO FLY POSTERS took a dramatic turn when some of my hero’s ended up in the same exhibition as me (that’s the only time I’m going to say that, OK), Wim Crouwel, Build, Spin, Hey Studio & Stefan Sagmeister?! Bloody hell.

In amongst all of that there’s been a number of workshops all over the place, the regular ones at WEST YORKSHIRE PRINT WORKSHOP are going strong (book here), as well as others at SALTAIRE ARTS TRAIL, BRADFORD SCIENCE FESTIVAL, DERBY QUAD SELF PUBLISHING FAIR, Lee Goater’s FACES exhibition and the LONDON CENTRE for BOOK ARTS.

FACES was a really funny and beautifully heartwarming exhibition by friend Lee Goater, if you got an invite or did some printing on the opening night — that was our fault!

We went to the now legendary WHITTINGTON PRESS Open Day aka ‘PRESSTIVAL’ and did a stall alongside friends Print for the Love of Wood, Dennis Gould, The Elrod Press & Nomad, which was a great honour, though the hangover the next day was not so.

We’ll be at SHEFFIELD PRINT FAIR doing a demo on 16th November with the Vandercook proofing press, come and say hello. There’s a Facebook event here

I’ll also be doing workshop with PAPERCUT BINDERY for the local Womens Institute soon, finally…we have arrived! Really looking forward to that!

And speaking of PAPERCUT BINDERY we worked together on a really ace little book of poetry by Ralph Dartford for the OSSET OBSERVER called ‘Cigarettes Beer & Love’ alongside old friends Sharon & Tony Shephard, and that was marvellous! And to top it off the work of the tireless Osset Observer has now resulted in winning CCLA Towns Trailblazer Award 2013!! Well done!!

Got a specially commissioned print in HINTERLAND, Colours May Vary’s celebration of wild and weird folklore in collaboration with LORD WHITNEY, can’t wait to see it, it’s got a frame and everything! And it’s also to celebrate CMV’s first year in business as the best book/design shop in Leeds run by two really ace people who have an excellent sense of humour!

We are doing some OPEN STUDIOS with friends Dove Street Pottery, Alice Fox, Catryn Henderson & Papercut Bindery on 17th & 30th November & 8th December. Come have a visit and buy something amazing for xmas! We are open from 11-4pm and there will be tea, coffee and cake. Address is here. There’s no website for this just a Facebook page here

Volume III of LEEDS PRINT FESTIVAL in January (24th – 31st 2014) will blow your socks off, and we’ll get you covered in ink for free. Keep an eye out for updates from them, it’s going to be bezerk, I kid you not.

COLOURS MAY VARY & LEEDS GALLERY are now stocking some of the large prints, thanks!

And in amongst that we’ve done some amazing work for Lee Goater, Split Design, Feral Tapes, Rabbit Hole, Golden Cabinet, Passport, Delve Magazine, Leeds Loves Food, Eskimo Creative, Formula Studio, Feast of Tentacles, The Beautiful Meme, Taylors of Harrogate, Ossett Observer, The Tourism Network, That Old Chestnut and so many more I can’t keep track! We love you!

Oh and I guess we need a new website — been using Twitter & Tumblr a lot recently, so check those out for more frequent random bits of news. Facebook works too.

So I think that will do for now. It’s quite a big post and there’s probably some blogging etiquette I have just broken but y’know who cares? If you want to read this you will and if you don’t, see you later!

PS – We DON’T do Wedding Invites.

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